Good Night Moon

lunar%20eclipse.jpgFor those of us here in New England you had the opportunity to see something amazing. I believe this was the first lunar eclipse that I have ever seen. We stayed up and kept checking it every 10 minutes or so. Since Walker was on school vacation he was still up at 9:00 when you could see the beginnings of what was going to happen. When the shadow started to take over the moon Walker, Rich and myself would go outside in the frigid weather and look up at the sky. Peyton was warm and snuggly in his crib. Walker looked up and saw, “Yeah, it’s the moon”. So needless to say Rich and I tried to explain the amazing phenomenon that was taking place right before our very eyes. So we kept picking him up every ten minutes until about 10:15 so that he could be a witness to this event. He wasn’t impressed. At his age I don’t think I was either. The image unveiled itself before our very eyes and the moon turned from a vivid white to a dark glowing red circle in the sky.

While we were watching a plane crosses across the sky.  To my amazement Walker asked, “Is that a shooting star?”  I answered, “… no honey just a plane.”  I did however, come real close to lying and keep his excitement.  

So… this morning I asked Walker, “Honey, do you remember what you saw last night.”

He matter-a-factly replied, “Yeah, the moon.”

Umh! I guess some true appreciation of nature’s wonders comes with age.

2 thoughts on “Good Night Moon

  1. Cute. Wish we could have had a better view here but it was half-cloudy. And then I got distracted with the high drama of my brother’s phone call and forget all about it. 😦


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