It’s A Jungle Out There

It has been an extremely hectic week.  Vacation week for the kids at school so I worked from home two days while Walker watched whatever he wanted on television… because I am a responsible parent. 

He was truly a trooper for the days that I worked at home because every once in awhile he would come up and ask, "Mommy, can you play a game with me?" 

My earnest reply was, "Sorry but MOMMY’S GOTTA WORK." 

Needless to say I was under a deadline.  The deadline was met… barely …but met.  I get home from work late again on Thursday to the following conversation.

"Mommy, you aren’t going to see me when I get bigger you aren’t going to see me anymore."

"Umph,  so… why not?"  Remember I am trying not to be alarmed.

"I am going to the jungle."  He replied kind of matter-of-factly.

"Oh really, so… I have to know… how long do I have?  I mean how old are you going to be?"

"A hundred and three."

"Oh… so I have a little time."

"Do you want to come to the jungle with me?"

"No, honey I think I will stay right here."

"But you will be all alone Mommy."

"Well how about Peyton and Daddy?"

"They are coming to the jungle too."

"Well can you draw me a map so I can find you in the jungle?"

"I don’t know how to get there."  He replied sarcastically.

"Well how are you going to get there?"

"Daddy is going to drop me off."

He then turns to daddy and says, "Daddy, can we stop on the way so I can get my jungle suit before we go?"

"Mommy are you sure you don’t want to come to the jungle?  We are going to build a house just like this one."

"Who is going to build it?"

"You know… the builders."

So my week ended with my child wanting to move to the jungle.  After this past week… I think I just may change my mind and join him.  Do you think I have to wait until he is 103 years old?  Geez, I hope not.


3 thoughts on “It’s A Jungle Out There

  1. How sad is it that I would truly love to go live in the jungle right now as long as no one needs to have their taxes done there!!! Happy to hear you made your deadline and made it through vacation week. Have a great day!


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