Sunset Watching

Hobo doesn’t say still for very long. We adopted him or he adopted us years ago when he followed the kids home from school. We found his original owners and they took him back. I then heard they wouldn’t allow him indoors and wouldn’t feed him. No wonder he found us. I told the kids if he came back we would have him fixed and give him a home. He now makes sure to visit our neighborhood on a daily basis and is known by most by Hobo. He comes home every night unless it’s summer and it’s really warm outside. It becomes harder to get him to come in during the summer months. So this image is a rarity to see him being still and enjoying the sunset from our back deck.

One Hurdle Down

Today was a good day. After a few attempts Walker received a nomination to USNA. It’s his first choice of schools and he has been working hard and keeping himself focused. As anyone knows that isn’t always an easy thing to do in your senior year. In order to even apply you have to obtain a nomination from your senators or congressman. Today was that day. He received a phone call that he will be getting it in the mail in the next few days. He knows that a mere 10-12% of the application actually get accepted but one step at a time. We will celebrate the small successes along the way. He is keeping his eyes on his goals and moving forward. It was even better to see the smile on his face after the stress of the last few weeks. Now for next steps and more essays.

Anniversary #21

Last week we celebrated our 21st anniversary and decided Mill on the River as it is one of our favorites. We haven’t actually travelled anywhere for our anniversary for many years. I guess we don’t feel like we need escape what we have right here at home.

Twenty-one years ago seems like a lifetime ago. So many stories of that day. All in all the only thing that mattered was we became husband and wife. Truly it was the only thing that mattered that day.