Election 2020

It is less than two weeks from our next election and I have never witnessed people more polarized about their party as I have witness in the last few months. There has been more corruption unveiled in the past few weeks yet people continue to support that party. They attempted to get rid of a duly elected president without success for three and half years. The media has been for years attempting to guide their agenda as well. Now we witness big social media platforms also joining and censoring legitimate news stories. Something has to give. We wait and see. The political corruption is so out of hand. People are deep into it they are running scared and it shows. I think many of us miss the days of Walker Cronkite.

Getting Warmer – COVID-19 – Quarantine Day 13

You talking’ to me?
Yes I was talking’ to you!

The virus that is going around is taking it’s toll on everyone. It is affecting absolutely everyone in some form or another. There are tons of meme’s going around to try and keep things light and not so dark and gloomy. This is not to make light of what is happening but merely to try and elevate the stress that people are feeling. Today we went on a family walk. Rich and Peyton went one way as they were going on a longer walk and Walker came with me.

Yesterday consisted of homemade broccoli cheddar soup, sneaking white chocolate chips, bear hunting and watching the wildlife outside. Not to mentioned the political bashing our president is taking. It’s getting old and tiresome. Two people can hear the exact same thing yet come away with two totally different interpretations. Sometimes you just have to walk away from those that are constantly bringing others down.