COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 3

Jameson happy as the humans are home yet again.

Day three and the teenagers are starting to get edgy. Social avoidance is already taking a tole on them. More cooking and reading on the agenda for us and the start of the schoolwork for the boys. Teachers have given them work to do over the next two weeks to keep their mind sharp and in tip top shape. This is a challenging time for everyone involved. Whether you are a teacher, student, administrator or staff worker it has been a difficult time. I think those that own restaurants, bars, movie theaters, or work an hourly wage will have the most difficult time. Even Rich’s job stated he was to stay home for two days. I am assuming they are reassessing the situation and will let us know.

I recently read about two brothers who hoarded hand sanitizers among other things to sell. They went state to state and purchased all they could in hopes of making a profit. Karma at it’s best…. the state came and took it and distributed it to hospitals and other places that need the items. As many of horrible hoarding people out there I do hear a few good samaritan stories as well.

Stay safe my friends and practice social avoidance. It’s the only way to get rid of this virus.

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 1

Jameson was just told she was to be quarantined with the felines.

We had heard what happened in Italy and it was almost like a bad dream. The corona virus has hit the states. They have now cancelled school for two weeks and sending the kids home. Like most situations some take is more seriously and others just don’t. The big issue is social avoidance. That means stay away from others. You may not show symptoms but they could be carriers to others that it could be detrimental. It becomes a life and death issue.

While scrolling though social media there were several parents that posting “If anyone needs babysitters I have some available”. See…. not everyone gets it. SOCIAL AVOIDANCE PEOPLE! It’s not a joke and again just look at what has happened to Italy.

Day one was a Saturday so it really didn’t seem all too different than the first day of a weekend. It is going to be a long several weeks. Two weeks minimum.

As with everyone else puzzles and baking were on the agenda.