Election 2020

It is less than two weeks from our next election and I have never witnessed people more polarized about their party as I have witness in the last few months. There has been more corruption unveiled in the past few weeks yet people continue to support that party. They attempted to get rid of a duly elected president without success for three and half years. The media has been for years attempting to guide their agenda as well. Now we witness big social media platforms also joining and censoring legitimate news stories. Something has to give. We wait and see. The political corruption is so out of hand. People are deep into it they are running scared and it shows. I think many of us miss the days of Walker Cronkite.

COVID-19 Pandemic Self Quarantine Log

Day 1


First day of quarantine and practicing social distancing. Seems like a bad dream as we hear of the horrors that are happening in Italy as we speak. Being that is is the first day of the weekend it really doesn’t seem all that different.

Day 2


Let the baking and binging begin. We shall just call them B & B for short. Looking back I am thankful that I had stocked up on some stables for the house. Restaurants, liquor stores are still open but people are hoarding out of fear.

Day 3


Kids are are supplemental learning which means they really don’t have to do it but it’s recommended to keep their brains functioning as though they were actually in class.

Day 4


Trying to set the tone for the kids to keep getting up in the morning to set a routine. Remember this isn’t vacation. Works for Peyton but not Walker. I can’t complain as they are pretty good learning on their own so hopefully this will be short lived and we can flatten the curve and get back to our normal routines.

Oh…. Happy St. Patricks Day. All the races have been cancelled

Day 5


Though it was a nice sunny day it was still pretty cold. We hunkered down for another unproductive day. As of today school is delayed until March 31st although be strongly believe it will be much longer. The teenagers are beginning to get a little anxious yet they are keeping up with their work for school. It’s not quite the same learning from a google document as it is with the teacher and classmates.

For Walker he is still awaiting college decisions. So the anxious level is higher than normal. These kids have worked so hard and to see their senior year end like this just doesn’t seem fair. They are taking in stride…. not happily but in stride nonetheless.

Walker misses his friends immensely but they have been watching movies on-line as a group so they can chat and have conversations as though they were watching in the same room. 

So we wait and wait to find out what the next move it for the schools and work.

Day 6


The dog is starting to wonder why we are all still home. The cats are suspicious and I have taken up watching the squirrels.

Hearing schools may be closed for the rest of the school year. Sadly I still hear and see certain people not abiding on the quarantine. They are still celebrating their spring break on the beaches in Florida. They don’t get it and probably never will. 

There are still adults complaining about our president. I wonder if these same adults have ever had a teacher, a boss or any other person they didn’t like. Did they behave this badly then? Did they throw temper tantrums like a toddler? Yet these same people tell their children even when they have a teacher they don’t like to just do the work and do what you have to do. So…. I ask why are they not banding together as Americans first and support our leaders? People do not have to agree with me but I will expect them to be tolerant.

Day 7


And the wait continues. Kids are keeping up with their school work. Trying to get them up at a decent hour and not sleep too late. They have the weekends for that. Trying to keep a sense of normal (whatever that is) in the house. Weather is still a little on the chilly side but able to get outside for a bit to get some fresh air. We all know we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. Hang tight for this too shall pass.

Day 8


Feels like Spring and we are day eight of the social distancing. No homework for today as it is Saturday and it has been stressful enough for the kids, not to mention for us. Making sure we have enough food if the state goes into full lock down mode. This morning the hubs went to get additional cat food as we need to take care of the furry ones too. We have treats and food for them.

Weather was a little warmer today there a little cleaning outside as well as inside did commence. I noticed today the buds are starting to appear so hopefully we will see a little more green on the trees before long.

Day 9


This Sunday unlike other Sundays. Still a little chilly outside so getting the teens out is a little challenging. We are taking it one day at a time and trying not to stress about what is happening. I truly believe we will come through this and hopefully learned a few things along the way.

There is an abundance of information out there that can make this whole situation a little overwhelming. As many people that are panicking and hoarding supplies I see stories of good neighbors and strangers helping others. There’s a balance. It’s not the time to belittle people which I am seeing much of on social media. I also see people blaming our leaders. Shame on them. It is a time to put your personal feelings aside and try and support them rather than tearing them down. I find that some will find something wrong regardless of what they do or say. If that is how you choose to help so be it. The virus originated from China therefore was named by many (not just our leader) the China virus and somehow he is being called a racist. Really? How cowardly ridiculous is that? This is how you choose to help? Not sure how these individuals feel this is helping the situation. Why not spend your time and energy is a more useful way. Regardless of your personal feelings how is that being helpful I ask? Exactly…. it’s not. So why not band together rather than pointing fingers. It’s really getting old and tiresome. I didn’t vote for the last president we had. Didn’t like his politics but you didn’t see me bashing him on social media. Believe me there were plenty of opportunity to o that. You will have a chance to vote them out of office in the coming months if you wish. But for now…. just stop. The left tried for three months to get him out of office and failed miserably. Just think how that time and money could have been used. For me I am thankful that we finally have a leader who is more concerned about it’s American citizens and is willing to protect them. You don’t have to agree with me as it is my opinion and we are all entitled to our opinion.

I have two teenagers at home and one being a senior. We need not to belittle how hard this is on our seniors (whether high school or college). This is the time they are usually busy making memories or at least suppose to be. Its hard for them not to be around their friends and relying on technology to supplement the interaction. But in fact it is easier than past generations but our kids have never had to endure situations such as that therefore can we really blame them when they don’t understand?

Our family is abiding by the social distancing set by state and our government. Hoping everyone can help with flattening the curve. It’s the only way we can beat this and help those that need protecting.

In the meantime Spring continues to peek through all this gloominess and show us change is coming.

Day 10


Of course after I post Spring pictures yesterday it snows today. Started out as gentle flakes and then ended with a few inches on the ground.

Day 10 in quarantine and time seems to be going by very slowly. The one good thing is I was able to capture Sir Lancelot and Gwenviere today with the snow behind them.

He waited patiently for her to arrive. Never at the same time but one after the other. By the time she arrived there was much more snow on the ground and feeder.

Seems much easier to just stay home and inside for this quarantine when it is cold, wet and snowing outside. So what does a photographer do…. you take pictures of what is around you.

Our town and state are officially on lockdown except for essential business and employees. Additional family time isn’t a bad thing so look on the bright side.

Day 11


We haven’t gotten into any kind of routine because I am hoping this isn’t the new normal. This too shall pass. It may take days, weeks or even possibly months. It’s harder to keep track of the days when everyone is home every… single… day. We are adjusting as everyone else is and taking one day at a time. The days are running together and we were just notified today that school will be closed until at least April 20th. Spring break has been minimized and distance learning will begin next week. The kids have been doing their daily supplemental work to try and keep up with their subjects.

Rich was notified today that two co-workers from the courts he works in tested positive for the virus. The last day Rich was exposed was the 13th so we are almost at the 14 day mark and he has no symptoms yet so we are thankful and hope it stays that way.

This particular song states my sentiments at this point. I don’t have everything I want but have everything I need. Take a listen. I promise it is worth your while.

Day 12


Went to take a walk today and it in the 30’s. Still a little cold for me. We continue to stay quarantine as expected. Good news the stimulus package has passed the first step in getting approved. Big step but it’s not over yet.

It’s harder to even get outside with it being as cold as it is but that doesn’t stop the squirrels from stealing the bird food. We let them as they still share with the birds.

Day 13


The virus that is going around is taking it’s toll on everyone. It is affecting absolutely everyone in some form or another. There are tons of meme’s going around to try and keep things light and not so dark and gloomy. This is not to make light of what is happening but merely to try and elevate the stress that people are feeling. Today we went on a family walk. Rich and Peyton went one way as they were going on a longer walk and Walker came with me.

Yesterday consisted of homemade broccoli cheddar soup, sneaking white chocolate chips, bear hunting and watching the wildlife outside. Not to mentioned the political bashing our president is taking. It’s getting old and tiresome. Two people can hear the exact same thing yet come away with two totally different interpretations. Sometimes you just have to walk away from those that are constantly bringing others down.

Day 14


Days are running together and Friday doesn’t seem any different than any other day. Everyone is home everyday. Self quarantine has it’s perks but has a few downfalls. 

PS Even the squirrels are getting restless

Day 15


The weekend. Kids can sleep later than usual. Days are starting to run together and not much happening other than trying to keep each occupied.

Still taking pictures of the squirrels and birds as they don’t seem to really know what is going on.

Day 16


Today like many others feels no different. The animals seem to be getting restless not to mention the kids. Rich and I will take a loop drive just to get out of the house and drive around not stopping anywhere in particular.

Day 17


Another gloomy day and the sun is hidden. Hoping for better weather in the next few days. It’s the first day of distance learning for the kids. Got them up at 8 so they can get their brains going and start with their assignments. Day one of distance learning has been a success so far but I have a feeling we have several weeks yet to go.

Day 18


Day two of distance learning. I have faith the kids can handle this. I know they are missing their friends but they at least have on-line access to communicate with them. Later today the RHS teachers and staff will be driving by as a parade to wave to their students. We will be there waiting and waving.