Sunday – COVID-19 – Quarantine Day 9

Miss Jameson practicing social distancing.

This Sunday unlike other Sundays. Still a little chilly outside so getting the teens out is a little challenging. We are taking it one day at a time and trying not to stress about what is happening. I truly believe we will come through this and hopefully learned a few things along the way.

There is an abundance of information out there that can make this whole situation a little overwhelming. As many people that are panicking and hoarding supplies I see stories of good neighbors and strangers helping others. There’s a balance. It’s not the time to belittle people which I am seeing much of on social media. I also see people blaming our leaders. Shame on them. It is a time to put your personal feelings aside and try and support them rather than tearing them down. I find that some will find something wrong regardless of what they do or say. If that is how you choose to help so be it. The virus originated from China therefore was named by many (not just our leader) the China virus and somehow he is being called a racist. Really? How cowardly ridiculous is that? This is how you choose to help? Not sure how these individuals feel this is helping the situation. Why not spend your time and energy is a more useful way. Regardless of your personal feelings how is that being helpful I ask? Exactly…. it’s not. So why not band together rather than pointing fingers. It’s really getting old and tiresome. I didn’t vote for the last president we had. Didn’t like his politics but you didn’t see me bashing him on social media. Believe me there were plenty of opportunity to o that. You will have a chance to vote them out of office in the coming months if you wish. But for now…. just stop. The left tried for three months to get him out of office and failed miserably. Just think how that time and money could have been used. For me I am thankful that we finally have a leader who is more concerned about it’s American citizens and is willing to protect them. You don’t have to agree with me as it is my opinion and we are all entitled to our opinion.

I have two teenagers at home and one being a senior. We need not to belittle how hard this is on our seniors (whether high school or college). This is the time they are usually busy making memories or at least suppose to be. Its hard for them not to be around their friends and relying on technology to supplement the interaction. But in fact it is easier than past generations but our kids have never had to endure situations such as that therefore can we really blame them when they don’t understand?

Our family is abiding by the social distancing set by state and our government. Hoping everyone can help with flattening the curve. It’s the only way we can beat this and help those that need protecting.

In the meantime Spring continues to peek through all this gloominess and show us change is coming.

Signs of Spring

Patiently waiting while keeping his distance.
Sidewalk chalk messages to people who pass by every day.

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 6

Hearing schools may be closed for the rest of the school year. Sadly I still hear and see certain people not abiding on the quarantine. They are still celebrating their spring break on the beaches in Florida. They don’t get it and probably never will.

There are still adults complaining about our president. I wonder if these same adults have ever had a teacher, a boss or any other person they didn’t like. Did they behave this badly then? Did they throw temper tantrums like a toddler? Yet these same people tell their children even when they have a teacher they don’t like to just do the work and do what you have to do. So…. I ask why are they not banding together as Americans first and support our leaders? People do not have to agree with me but I will expect them to be tolerant.

COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 4

Day four and we consider ourselves lucky in that we have al the necessities we need for now. No curfews yet…. yet. We are hearing that other states are implementing stronger guidelines for people. There is a abundance of information on the internet but yet some still think they are immune.

There are conspiracy theories are flying around as well. There are so many people that are working via an hourly wage, in restaurants, bars or even travel business. They are all suffering economically and we all need to be aware. Not everyone has a savings account to draw from. Before this virus even entered our lives people were living paycheck to paycheck.

It was another lay low day here at the Harrigan House. Kids are still doing their schoolwork via google classroom. I am thankful they are able to continue with some supplemental learning. However, there are kids out there that may not have internet access or unable to complete assignments without assistance. How are we ensuring they continue on their educational path?

These are all questions that we are all navigating over the next few weeks.

While we are hunkered down I take advantage of the little critters in my backyard.