COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 1

Jameson was just told she was to be quarantined with the felines.

We had heard what happened in Italy and it was almost like a bad dream. The corona virus has hit the states. They have now cancelled school for two weeks and sending the kids home. Like most situations some take is more seriously and others just don’t. The big issue is social avoidance. That means stay away from others. You may not show symptoms but they could be carriers to others that it could be detrimental. It becomes a life and death issue.

While scrolling though social media there were several parents that posting “If anyone needs babysitters I have some available”. See…. not everyone gets it. SOCIAL AVOIDANCE PEOPLE! It’s not a joke and again just look at what has happened to Italy.

Day one was a Saturday so it really didn’t seem all too different than the first day of a weekend. It is going to be a long several weeks. Two weeks minimum.

As with everyone else puzzles and baking were on the agenda.

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