COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 4

Day four and we consider ourselves lucky in that we have al the necessities we need for now. No curfews yet…. yet. We are hearing that other states are implementing stronger guidelines for people. There is a abundance of information on the internet but yet some still think they are immune.

There are conspiracy theories are flying around as well. There are so many people that are working via an hourly wage, in restaurants, bars or even travel business. They are all suffering economically and we all need to be aware. Not everyone has a savings account to draw from. Before this virus even entered our lives people were living paycheck to paycheck.

It was another lay low day here at the Harrigan House. Kids are still doing their schoolwork via google classroom. I am thankful they are able to continue with some supplemental learning. However, there are kids out there that may not have internet access or unable to complete assignments without assistance. How are we ensuring they continue on their educational path?

These are all questions that we are all navigating over the next few weeks.

While we are hunkered down I take advantage of the little critters in my backyard.

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