Egg Coloring

For the past three years we have created a tradition of coloring easter eggs with the Tyrrells.  The kids color their eggs with one color (amatuers) while Mary and I scheme as to how creative we can get each year.  We have created eggs with dots, lines, several colors, swirling and tye-dye.  We have used tools such as rubber bands, oil, colanders and rubber cement.   This last year we added yet another tradition – drinking mimosas while decorating.  Gotta love that one.  I believe after years of practice I have just about perfected the plaid egg.  I know it is hard to believe but feast your eyes on this.












Here are some additional pictures.DSC_01196022.jpg











Lucky & Charming

I sincerely apoligize for such the lapse in publishing anything lately.  Things have been fairly hectic but I will be posting pictures of happenings in the Harrigan Household the last few weeks.

DSC_01086011.jpgBeing the somewhat organized mother I had purchased matching t-shirts for the boys to wear for St. Patrick’s Day.  I know I am little behind in my posting but believe me they did wear them that day.  The weather was quite chilly therefore turtlebacks were in order.   I took the pictures when I got home that night but not before Peyton had consumed two bowls of spaghetti.  Evidence can be found on the white turtleneck. 

So I asked Walker, "Do you want to be ‘Lucky’ or ‘Charming’?" 

He pondered, scratched his chin and said, " Well… I will be ‘Lucky’," pointed to his brother and said, "He can be ‘Charming’."

Did He Actually DO that?!

Yes, he did.  Peyton has reached another milestone in his life.  He actually did it and we are so proud. 

What… you ask? 

He sat on the potty and went pee!

As any parent knows this is a great milestone.  As far as consistancy… well… we are working on that.  But for us we are celebrating the small steps for now.