Did He Actually DO that?!

Yes, he did.  Peyton has reached another milestone in his life.  He actually did it and we are so proud. 

What… you ask? 

He sat on the potty and went pee!

As any parent knows this is a great milestone.  As far as consistancy… well… we are working on that.  But for us we are celebrating the small steps for now.

4 thoughts on “Did He Actually DO that?!

  1. It’s one small step for Peyton, one giant leap toward no more diaper purchases!! Yeah! Think of all the new disposable income (no pun intened)…


  2. LOLI see I missed this one. The post title was too close to the previous one, I guess. But such ‘big steps’ are not things to miss. No way, now how.You know that old saying that ‘No kid has ever went to college (or high school) still in diapers’? Well, trust me, it ain’t true. So Congats to you and the little man.


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