Egg Coloring

For the past three years we have created a tradition of coloring easter eggs with the Tyrrells.  The kids color their eggs with one color (amatuers) while Mary and I scheme as to how creative we can get each year.  We have created eggs with dots, lines, several colors, swirling and tye-dye.  We have used tools such as rubber bands, oil, colanders and rubber cement.   This last year we added yet another tradition – drinking mimosas while decorating.  Gotta love that one.  I believe after years of practice I have just about perfected the plaid egg.  I know it is hard to believe but feast your eyes on this.












Here are some additional pictures.DSC_01196022.jpg











5 thoughts on “Egg Coloring

  1. More importantly, can you find a purse that matches the egg???? What kind of fun are you guys putting smocks on the kids – let them get colored! Our kids color with Auntie & Uncle and like to put stickers on them. This year Grace tried to achieve the perfect Tar Heel Blue for UNC – she almost got it! Then she wrote Tar Heels on the egg for Auntie.


  2. It is the challenge of making the plaid egg that keeps us coming back for more. Remember Mary and I are at it long after the kids have finished and moved onto something else.


  3. Hey there – sorry only realised you left comments on my blog a while ago – you had me tagged from Wenchy. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope your week is going well.


  4. Sadly, you will notice that it’s the adults slaving away at the counter…. no kids in sight. ;)We had a WONDERFUL time! (and next year, I’ve gotta lay off the mimosas… I was waaay too buzzed for a Friday morning!) LOL!


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