COVID-19 Quarantine – Day 5

Though it was a nice sunny day it was still pretty cold. We hunkered down for another unproductive day. As of today school is delayed until March 31st although be strongly believe it will be much longer. The teenagers are beginning to get a little anxious yet they are keeping up with their work for school. It’s not quite the same learning from a google document as it is with the teacher and classmates.

For Walker he is still awaiting college decisions. So the anxious level is higher than normal. These kids have worked so hard and to see their senior year end like this just doesn’t seem fair. They are taking in stride…. not happily but in stride nonetheless.

Walker misses his friends immensely but they have been watching movies on-line as a group so they can chat and have conversations as though they were watching in the same room.

So we wait and wait to find out what the next move it for the schools and work.

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