Way Too Long

This blog has been severly neglected for much too long and I have no one to blame myself.  I am over it and hopefully you will get over it as well.  

It has been about three years since I was laid off from my job at Travelers Insurance.  I was a senior business analyst for several years and thought I enjoyed my job.  That until I wasn’t there anymore.  yes it took several months of adjusting to not getting up at 5:00am to be out the door by 6:15 to be at work for 6:45.  It was an adjustment at first and a shock but a change I was quite happy to make.  

My oldest was in second grade and my youngest in pre-school at the time.  I was going to receive 28 weeks of severence for my almost 15 years of service.  It was our breathing room for the time being.  People wonder if I miss it.  Frankly… I miss most of the people I worked with but not who I directly reported to or a particular client at the time.  Do I miss the more than half of our income that was lost… absolutely.  We have definitely had to make adjustments.  

As far as the kids were concerned they had mom home everyday to greet them home from school, make cookies and help with homework when needed.  There was and still is the great debate between working moms and stay at home moms.  I had been a working mom for many years.  It was not a luxury but a necessity.  Some people would comment that they would just “go without” in order to stay home.  We own a small home and like to think we raise our kids with values rather than exotic trips and things.  In the end I think this will take them farther in life.

So now I am three years post being laid off and I can honestly say I have had more time, laughter and smiles with my children and husband.  This is what I will remember years from now.  Working full time and being constantly stressed over things that were frankly never that important to the happiness of my everyday life will simply fade away.  I hope my kids will look back some day with great memories of the past few years because I know I already do.

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