Storm Alfred

Words fail me as I attempt to describe what happened during Storm Alfred.  We knew we were getting an unusual storm that would cause snow and freezing rain.  This type of weather is certainly not uncommon for New England.  Unfortunetely for us, the leaves had not fallen off of the trees therefore making the weight of the snow too much for limbs and trees to withhold.

Two days before Halloween it started to snow.  The first snowfall of the season for me has always been exciting as we venture to the next season.  It snowed most of the day then tapered off to near nothing.  The temperatures began to drop.  When the snow first starts to fall there is a certain silence that overcomes every neighborhood.  As the night started to fall we lost power.  We this happened a mere two months before we thought we were better prepared this time.  Nightfall came and darkness came over the neighborhood and town.  The silence was soon replaced by the cracking of limbs and trees from the weight of the snow.  None of us would know the devastation until the next morning when the sun came up.

Since one of my hobbies is to take pictures I found this was the best way to document what happened.  We had no idea what we were in for.  We lost power for ten days.  People came from all around the United States to help.  Shelters were set up in every town to help feed people and give them shelter.  The most moving sight was seeing a crew from Canada with an American flag flying from the back of the truck.  The crews were not only helpful but did it with smiles.  They worked tiredless into the nights.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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