10th Wedding Anniversary

Who thought this day would come so quickly.  It seems like we were actively planning our special day just moments ago.  November 14th 1998 was our wedding day.  Then… I look at my two kids and house and think… ummm… yup I guess it has been 10 years.  When we were first married we thought for our first we would go to Paris to celebrate.  In reality when the time came I was happy just to cross state lines.

We spend the first two nights at Boston Park Plaza Hotel.  A friend of ours was able to get us upgraded to the concierge level of the hotel.  What a treat that was.  We had drinks with our friend and then we all went to dinner at DaVinci’s.  We couldn’t have been more thrilled.  Not only did the concierge for the Park Plaza send over an appetizer the executive chef came out to greet us personally and sent over a special dessert and glass of wine for everyone.  The second night we went to the Hamersly Bistro for dinner.  Very delicious as well.  

So after two nights in Boston is was time to go to the Griswold Inn.  What a disppointment of the room after staying on Boston.  They advertized it as a deluxe suite.  The bed was so uncomfortable we almost slept on the couch.  However we did make reservations at Cafe Routier.  The menu made it difficult to choose.  We ate to our hearts and stomachs content.

This was the first time we have left the children for three nights in a row.  They did fine and so did we.  They had a great time at their grandparents and apparently were very well behaved.  We will be sure not to wait so long to go away again.

From reading Supermom’s blog she not only has the same anniversary date but the same exact date.  Happy anniversary to her as well.

3 thoughts on “10th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Wenchy – for the most part yes but the last place we stayed we will never go back. The room was horrible. Boson was great and we wish we saved that for last.


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