Well this Halloween was a little more special because it fell on a Friday night.  We were all very excited.  We usually have two neighbors come over with their kids because we start to trick or treat.  We load them up on pizza before they engorge themselves with candy.

This year Peyton was a dragon while Walker was a Ninja Turtle.  The night was warm and comfortable.  We went around our circle with spirited hot chocolates for the adults.  We completed the circle of houses and came back home.  Once the kids were comfortable watching a movie the adults went outside to the warm fire and additional spirits.   


3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. And a great time was had by all!!! I was so thrilled that Peyton "chose" me as his trick or treat buddy. Loved his comment that he likes Halloween because "get candy!" Then what did he want to do? "Get more candy." Are you sure he’s not mine????


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