Daffodil days are here…

For the past three springs I have taken the kids pictures in a small area of daffoldils.  You would never know but it lies on the side of a local bank.  We had to get up early before the sun would shine to get the best pictures.  It was a little chilly so it was not easy getting the smiles that I usually get.  I have learned with kids if you can’t get the shot… give up and try later.  Things only get worse if you keep pressuring them to "look happy" and "smile".  Anyways here are a few fruits of the labot from the early chilly morning.





6 thoughts on “Daffodil days are here…

  1. Actually Michelle… it’s all in the order of the pictures. They actually got more disturbed with me as time went on. It gets more and more challenging as they grow.


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