What does Ho Ho Ho mean to you?


So the question is, “What does Ho Ho Ho mean to you?”  This all started when Walker was starting to speak.  We go through learning what all the animals say.  So you think… yeah so… what’s the big deal?  When Walker was just under 3 years old we started with the whole Santa story.  

“Walker, what does Santa say?”

“Ho Ho.”  He so proudly responds.

I chuckle and say, “Yes but remember it is Ho Ho Ho.”

“Oh that’s right… Santa has three Ho’s.”

He was obviously much too young to understand how wrong it was to say such a thing in public.  A few years pass and we thought we were out of the woods on this one.  Some of you know that my youngest is going through weekly speech therapy and learning quite alot.  So the conversations begin again.

“Peyton do you know what Santa says?  He says Ho Ho Ho.”

He replied, “Whoa, Whoa.”  He certainly gets credit for trying.

Here’s comes big brother Walker and says, “No No Peyton… remember Santa has three Ho’s.”

Some things are just too funny to forget but are so wrong to be so funny.


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