First of the Last …

Ever since Walker started high school a few years ago I started to hear the phrase “the first of the last”. I have been dreading it as it is such an emotional time for parents and the kids.

As much as I enjoyed them being little and witnessing them experiencing things for the first time I tried to never wish little forever. Each phase brings something new experiences and adventures to their personality. Each stage of their lives bring new and exciting things. I get it… but it’s the main reason why we need to embrace what time is in front of us and just enjoy them every step of the way.

Walker plays soccer as well as lacrosse. I have been to every game because I can and because I want to. I consider myself lucky that I have that opportunity. I have heard other parents say… I don’t feel the need to go to every game. Well that is fine and good but passing on judgement to those that do is not okay. Fine for you but not for me. I know all too well these days are numbered and I will probably not see him play soccer in college. It just may not be feasible to attend games or he may not even play at the college level.

So now is the time he is looking at colleges and possibilities of his future. Big decisions on the horizon. Though I don’t put my kids on a pedestal I do encourage them to reach for their dreams. Walker is the type of kid that doesn’t shy away from a challenge. In reality he gravitates towards them and takes them on full force. Because of that we have looked at a variety of schools. I wanted to show him large universities to small liberal arts. He liked them all and found that he could make any of them work. There was one that was above all the rest…. Unites States Naval Academy. We took the trip down to Maryland to see for ourselves what the life of a midshipmen would be. We attended a briefing that gave a little insight into the day in the life at the academy. It was regimented, grueling and scary all at the same time. We were able to see formation of the midshipmen before lunch. I asked him, “So… what do you think”? His response, “I love it”. Again he isn’t shying away from the challenge.

Here are just a few of the schools he applied to. Some of them a reach but that is okay. You never know unless you try and I give him credit for at least trying.