New Job

Well I started I started a new job a few months ago.  It’s only part-time but I have summers off and basically the same vacations as my kids.  It’s perfect for me at this time as it allows me to continue to grow my photography business.    

Which brings me to the photography.  It has been a passion for such a long time but the practical me kept telling myself that I couldn’t earn a “real” living doing it.  Many people along the way have told me I should pursue.  I have just recently started to pursue this just beyond a hobby.  I have done a few sessions and even a wedding a few weeks ago.  No I am not a “wedding” photographer as many of them are simply amazing and very talented and wouldn’t even begin to put myself in that catergory.  This was a very casual wedding where the bride and groom just wanted some candids.  I charged very little for the event as it was not my specialty.  It was raining and a dismal day but that didn’t stop the multiple smiles I was able to capture for the couple.  I thank them for entrusting me with such an important day.

Since venturing with the photography through Facebook I have virtually met so many wonderful and talented photographers.  Many of them live and work across the country and some live overseas.    The learning curve for me is huge and I have been lucky enough to get some guidence from some wonderful people that I have never even met but are more than willing to help someone from a far.

Stayed tuned to see how this evolves for me.  It is foreign to me to be able to do something that I enjoy and get such satisfaction when the even is completed.  The clients have been appreciative and grateful.  Coming from an entirely different industry this too is somewhat foreign.  

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