Peyton Walks Home

Peyton is becoming such the little man full of responsibility.  He walked home by himself yesterday as his big brother was home sick.  I asked if he wanted a ride home since the temperatures were nearing zero with the windchill but he declined the offer.  We are very proud of our boys and the responsibility they have taken on.  They wait for each other at the tree at school and walk home together.  So Peyton has reached another milestone in his life being able to walk home by himself.  I did wait at the end of our street as it was so cold.  Today he did the same thing and he was the only one to walk home as no other kids were coming down the sidewalk.   Since it was so cold I believe most kids were picked up.  Some of them have a much longer walk than our kids.

I believe it is important to give the kids more responsibility when they have proven they can handle it.   Both boys have made us proud parents and have risen to each occasion we have given them.

Proud as we may be we have had our scares as well.  So for many of my friends they have heard the story of when Walker walked home by himself at the age of five.  It was not with permission but he did arrive safely.  To read the original story it can be found here.

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