Whitney Dies at Age 48

As a friend of mine explained in his blog, Whitney commanded attention when she sang.  Her voice was unwaivoring and powerful.  Most of us remember when she sang that National Anthem at the Superbowl many years ago.  People stood, listened and felt chills through their bodies as they heard her voice resinate through the air. 

As with many of you I listened to Whitney Houston throughout my college years.  She was the epitomy of talent.  Many years ago I listened to an interview about the making of The Body Guard.  It was Kevin Costner’s idea to have her start the song with no music and just to have the sound of her voice.  It made such an impact to the song and showcased her voice ultimately.

Her career started to take a downfall when she hooked up with Bobby Brown.  We all were witness to it but felt helpless to help her.  But were we all responsible for not helping her.  We all know she didn’t want to be helped.  But if there is a testiment as to what drugs can do this is it.

So we say good-bye to a woman who had a wonderful talent and an unforgetable voice.  


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