Fin or Fine

Last year Walker had spelling test every week.  Throughout the entire year he only got two words wrong.  He was quite proud of his achievements and so were we. 

Walker is lucky enough to have a fabulous teacher again this year.  She is full of energy, smiles and laughter.  Walker came home the first day and said, “My class rocks”!  Having a sense of humor is par for the course of being a elementary teacher for this age group.

Walker is now having spelling test each and every week.  He was doing a fabulous job until the other week when he came home and said he got one work wrong.  I go though the list thinking it was one of the more difficult words.  To my bewilderment it was… get this… the work… “Fine”.

The conversation:

Me:  Walker… are you kidding me?  How could you get the easiest word on the list wrong.

Walker (profound answer): I don’t know.


I went to class last week to assist in the computer lab for Walker’s class.  I mentioned to the teacher that I couldn’t believe he got the easiest word on the list wrong.  So here was the conversation that I missed that occurred at school.

Teacher: Yes Walker?

Walker (pitiful puppy dog look in his eyes): Mrs. Venzie… I heard the word “Fin” not “Fine”?

Teacher (while keeping her laughter to a minimum) replied: Really Walker?  Well… I would believe that if everyone else in the class spelled it the same way.


I guess you can’t blame a kid for trying.  I think he gets an A for effort on that one don’t you?

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