School Begins

It has been a long time since I have written and so much has happened in the last few months.  It was a great summer for everyone.  It was sunshine almost everyday.  The kids attended camp with their school buddies and before they knew it summer math packets and reading assignments were due for the first day of school.  As we weren’t finding out who they were getting for teachers until the end of the summer they waited with bated breath.

Everyday for a week the kids took turns running to the mailbox to find out who they were going to share their next school year with.  Finally the envelopes came and soon there was a flurry of parents on Facebook asking. “Who does your son/daughter have this year”?  Walker even got two calls from friends that day to find out.  We are truly blessed this year to have another great year of wonderful teachers.  Peyton has a teacher who has a great background in Special Education and is a new kindergarten teacher this year.  She is enthusiastic and excited to have her own classroom this year.  Walker was fortunate to be in the same class as many of his buddies.  The phrase “Team Venzie” was already coined throughout class and Facebook.  Although we would have been fortunate to have any of the 3rd grade teachers for Walker.  There was no way he would not have had a wonderful year.  He was lucky enough to have a great teacher last year which has helped him to start his education on the right foot.

Walker came home from his first day and exclaimed, “My class Rocks”!  He even said you were right Mrs. venzie is a great teacher.  Such statements definitely put a parents mind as ease.  Peyton has a great first few days as well.  Although he has had his first few nightmares and seems to want to cuddle more with mommy than usual.  I believe that starting kindergarten has been a little stressful for him since it isn’t just playtime all the time.

I wish both of my children well in the coming year.  Lots of new things to learn and friends to make.

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