It Was a Truly Lucky Day

So on Monday I turn on my computer to read my e-mails.  Being slightly weary of spam, viruses and other vicious things sent through e-mail I viewed this particular one cautiously.  It seemed legit but sent by mistake for sure.  I open with one eye open and check the return address.  It was someone that works at the BSO (Boston Symphony Orchestra).  Well some of you know that they are affiliated with Tanglewood in western Massachusetts.  It was a quick e-mail that was obviously not intended for me.  Like the good samaritan I sent her back a quick e-mail letting her know that I did not think I was the intended recipient to the correspondence
The e-mail conversation went as follows:
I received your e-mail below but not sure how you got it.  My name is Sarah Harrigan and I have purchased tickets for Tanglewood but have nothing to do with a business account.
so sorry!
If you hook my husband and I up with tickets to Carol King and James Taylor all will be forgiven.  Only kidding.  No problem.  Have a great day.
I can do that. 
Really?  I have been up to Tanglewood 5 times to see him and she is one of my favorites as well.  If you aren’t kidding let me know what information you need from me.
O.K. I am not kidding but I only do this for special people.  Are you special?  Only kidding…  Now, of course, nothing will happen-you will have a blast and I will feel better knowing you are out there.  My cell is XXX-XXX-XXXX.  Hope this works for you.
First and foremost thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My husband would be more than happy to assist.  We live in XXXXXX Connecticut currently but we look forward to concerts at Tanglewood every summer.  Just to give you a little background this summer will be a little different for us as I was laid off from Travelers Insurance (after 15 years) last fall.  As we are trying to conserve money this was one of the things that we had decided to forego.  This will be a special treat for us that I cannot even put into words what a great opportunity this is.  Again, thank you so much as it means more to us than you know.  I am not only special but lucky.


You are special-this will be great!  I am sorry things are a little tough and that this will help.  Yes, get in touch a little before the concert.  It is funny-the circumstances with which we connected but so glad you are excited.  My pleasure.


So it is with great pleasure that Rich and I will be attending the James Taylor and Carol King this summer at Tanglewood.  So here is to finding another kindred spirit among us.

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