Class of 2023 Here I Come!


It is amazing how quickly time passes and yet sometimes it seems to stand still.  It was four and half years ago when Rich and I were getting ready to go to the hospital for the planned c-section to deliver Peyton.  We knew it was a boy and we had already picked out the name. 

While groggy in the delivery room the conversation went like this.

I asked, “So… how big is he”?

10 lbs. 1 ounce”.

I chuckled and replied, “No… how big was MY baby”.

My husband and medical staff chuckled a little louder and Rich replied, “That IS your baby”.

We have been lucky that our kids have been pretty healthy and have had minimal issues with one exception.  Three years ago this month we had to make our first visit to the emergency room.  I was at the school registering Walker for kindergarten.  I came home to find Walker playing all by himself in the driveway.  Of course this is not customary to leave a child in the driveway unattended.  The conversation went like this.

“Walker, where is daddy”?

Peyton had an accident” he replied very matter of fact.

He had what”?

He had an accident”.

I now see my husband running out the front door with the little man in his arms and red blotches splattered everywhere.  Peyton was in the garage, picked up a bottle and accidently dropped it.  He then proceeded, as many 18-month olds do, fall forward until his little hand received a severe laceration to his middle finger.  So here is the test of when you figure out what you will do in an emergency situation.  Yes there was blood everywhere but was it life threatening… no.  I got back in the drivers seat and packed Walker in the back and Rick jumped into the passenger seat.  He was a trooper.  That is Peyton not Rich.  The latter was freaking out just a little.  He went through x-rays and eight stitches on a tiny finger  that was only about an inch long.  They had to put him under to do the stitches and he was the best little patient.  This was one of those time when time would stand still.  He had his hand and partial arm fully bandaged for about two weeks.

So here we are registering him for kindergarten already.  Look out world because here he comes.  Peyton will become part of the 2023 graduating class.  Though  there are already stories to tell, I know that there will be many more.  I can almost hear the phone ringing and the principal on the other end. 

To be continued… I am sure.  So stay tuned for more Harrigan Tales.

2 thoughts on “Class of 2023 Here I Come!

  1. Sweet.But let me tell you this, you joke about it now. But the time, it goes way too fast. Enjoy it while you got it. In a blink of an eye, he will be a teeanger. The voice of experience speaks.;-)


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