Valentine’s day

Last week Walker’s class was able to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  He handmade each and every card for his classmates.  I was highly disappointed to find out that Peyton’s class was not allowed to celebrate this particular holiday.  There was no explanation other than it is the rules in his program.  He attends the same school as Walker but in the pre-k program.  So as my usual self I send off a letter to the head of the program explaining that if this is suppose to be a transitional program to make the students feel more comfortable why on earth can they not celebrate the same holiday that the rest of the school celebrates.  So while Walker is making his cards for his classmates Peyton was not allowed to bring in Valentines for his friends.  There is no explanation for such nonsense and it appears that a more strongly worded letter needs to be sent.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s day

  1. Are you kidding me? I would like to know the specific reason for this. How are kids supposed to learn to exist in a world recognizing that different people celebrate different cultures and rituals and how to respect our differences?


  2. Before I went in riding on a white horse, I would ask what the thinking was behind this rule for the preschoolers. Has it always been that way? Is it possible to change it? Is there some way I can be part of the solution? Teachers often get a lot of flack and complaints without conversations before. It makes everybody defensive and unsupported. It’s always best to go in listening first…Just a thought from someone who has been on both sides.


  3. Those questions were asked and alternatives that were given were not taken. No explanation was given other than they don’t do that. But when Walker was in the same program they did do Valentine’s. So the teacher is in agreement and I would not be pursuing otherwise.


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