Sleeping with the Fishies

For most that statement could be construed as negative but for Walker and Rich is was a great experience to be able to sleep among the fish, whales and sharks.

Last weekend Walker and Rich had the opportunity to go to the Mystic Aquarium for an overnight stay with the cub scouts.  They got to have a tour of the aquarium at night and see the whales, seals and the almighty shark.  I decided to stay behind with Peyton as he was too young to go.  The Scouts got to dissect a squid that night.  How exciting is that?  So while the boys were gallivanting around the aquarium Peyton and I decided to make camp in the living room. 

Although Peyton was a little disappointed he didn’t get to participate we pitched a tent in the living room big enough for Peyton.  Pop came by to check on the camp site and Peyton said we needed to turn off all the lights for real camping.  So the lights were off but the fire was lit.

Pop asked, “Peyton, are there bears”?

“No” said Peyton as though that was a ridiculous question.

“Are there lions”?

“No” he replied while chuckling.

“Are there Tigers”?

“YES! Their names are Bandit, Hobbs and Calvin.

Just to make it clear these are the feline friends of our household.  The smores were a little messy but very good.  Who says you can’t go camping in the living room?  Peyton lasted about five minutes camping and then announced that camping was over and we needed to turn on all the lights.  Also turning all the light assured that the tigers would stay away.

Good time was had by all!

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