Neglected but certainly not forgotten…

To anyone who may still be checking my blog.  I am sorry for neglecting you but you have not been forgotten.  I thought I made a promise to myself as well as all of you that I would continue to blog consistently… but… as life would have it children and work and a desperate need for time to myself have gotten in the way of my timely blogging.

So here is what has been happening for the past month or so.

Walker comes home with several red and yellow stop lights for the day.  Needless to say this requires efficient and effective follow up from the parental home front.  Yellow translate to no television for the evening thus resulting in a quivering lip and a few tears.  The red however… ummm results in no television and no Nintendo DS.  So add on top of the quivering lip, multitude of tears and the crying and stomping feet I am exhausted.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There have been green for the past three days but who is counting.  So the last time Walker came home with a yellow he was in the mist of explaining what he did or didn’t do to cause him to land on yellow when Peyton shouts, “I was on green all day.”  Please keep in mind that pre-school doesn’t even have the color coding yet.  Leave it to the young but smart one to needle his brother in such a fashion.  He said it with such a grin on his face.  The color coding behavior is improving but I am not counting any blessings yet.  Walker is primarily a good kid that like socialize a little (a lot) too much.

Yesterday we got a winter storm that gave us about a foot of snow.  Needless to say schools were cancelled.  That is usually not a problem but poor Peyton woke up at about 3:30 with the chills (but no fever yet) and suddenly got sick to his stomach for the next two hours.  His fever shot up to about 102.  He kept the medicine down and didn’t get sick for the next several hours.  There was too much work that still needed to be done so at 5:00 I logged in for the day.  I realized that I hadn’t eaten or taken a break until about 5:30 that night. 

There are several projects at work that are keeping me quite occupied to say the least.  Sometimes you wonder is it all worth is when you look back at all the days and extra hours you put in.  Your kids only grow up once.  How often have we heard that?  I don’t like missing all the important things and even the not so important things.  These projects are causing me to lose sleep and work excessive hours as many others are doing the same on similar projects.  It is easy to say put family first but when you not only want to do a good job but need to do a good job it is easier said than done.

Last Saturday was the Tiger Cubs Derby Race.  This was a first for Walker.  I have to say that his car was probably the only one that looked like a child worked on it.  Most of the cars looked like they were professionally painted and sanded.  Don’t worry we will be prepared for next year.

So though I have not been blogging as often as I should or even like to you are all not forgotten so please when you stop by leave a comment.  It is time to finish this entry as the martini is wearing off and the kids have to get into bed.  Oh sleep… what a novel idea.

2 thoughts on “Neglected but certainly not forgotten…

  1. Heh. Good to know that you’re still alive anyway. Yeah, I still check in occasionally but was considering giving up on you. Can you imagine? Anyway, funny how life happens when we have other plans, isn’t it? That work/family balance thing, many days I think I might be dead before I ever get it figured out. So what do we do? Just keep on keepin’ on, as best as we can, I suppose. But never, ever at the expense of blogging! 😉


  2. Let me know if you find a good solution to the work/family balance. I figure if I have 4 work months and 8 family months that balances right??? Keep smiling!


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