Christmas Recap

So vacation has come to an end and all the Christmas ornaments and decorations have been put away for yet another year.  Every Christmas season comes and goes so quickly that I try and make the best out of each year while the kids are young.  Every year it seems to take forever to prepare and make sure that everything is in place at the right time and moment. 

The secret of Santa continues for yet another year.  Whew… we had a few close calls this year.   Part of the problems is I never seem to remember what gifts Santa made in his toyshop and which ones were purchased by mom and dad.

This holiday we were able to enjoy the company of friends that live near as well as those that live quite far away.  We had time to ourselves and quality time with the kids.  Having two weeks of vacation and three out of the office has proven to be relaxing… but quite addicting.  Returning tomorrow will be difficult I am sure.

I have always thought that my children were pretty well behaved and this Christmas was no exception.  After every gift that Walker and Peyton opened I heard a thank you.  There were no whines and frowns when all the gifts were opened just smiles.  They loved each and every gift. 

So to recap the past few weeks…


Christmas shopping in this economy… expensive

Knowing your kids love all their gifts… wonderful

Having a six year old willing to save and spend his own money to buy his own DS… proud

Knowing I have to return to work tomorrow… sad

Knowing I paid the regular price for the robot Walle while others paid $100… hilarious (because that was me last year with the Pat Pat Rocket)

Having your 3 year old get two strikes and break 100 on his first try at Wii bowling… humiliating

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.  As for me I am making a resolution to make no resolutions this year.  I hope to spend more time with friends and family and less time worrying about work because… you know… they aren’t worrying about me.  Now that we have the Wii given to the family from Santa we will be instituting family game night along with family movie nights.

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