Kids Say the Darndest Things

Well this past week seemed to last a lifetime for multiple reasons.  I was feeling pretty lousy as others were this time of year but decided to trudge through it as it was my last week in the office for the next several weeks.

I come home on Monday and feel chilled to the bone.  I take some Advil to try and bring down the fever and sit in front of a roaring fire and decide that a scalding shower is the only thing to warm me up.  I am in the shower and Rich comes in the tell me what the youngest said.

After dinner Peyton usually needs to be “cleaned up”.  No one said he was the neatest eater around but he does eat. 

Rich says, “Okay Peyton time for me to clean your hands and your beautiful face.”

Peyton’ replied, “No me good (we are still working on the speech thing) Mommy is beautiful.”

So needless to say even when I was feeling my worst my three year old can make me feel fabulous.


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