Gator Time

For many years the fall has been my favorite time of year.  The pastel colors of the spring and summer turn into the jewel tones with the changing leaves.  The reds, yellows and burnt oranges highlight the horizon of New England.

Because of this time of year I find myself trying to capture it’s beauty through the lens of my camera.  Again my children are subjected to extreme amounts of primping for the occasion.  Last weekend we set out on our yearly weekend adventures of “gatoring” through the forest in my home town.  My dad has the use of a “gator” for the fall festivites.

So hair is brushed, clothes picked out and most of all attidudes are adjusted to preserve the expectation of happy children.  This was going to be a little bit of a challenge given the photo shoot my friend did for the boys the day before.

The day was a little bright for pictures but the forest lends itself to giving the perfect shade needed.  You can see more of the pictures taken here.

Not only was the day beautiful but the boys had a great time and it shows in the pictures.


4 thoughts on “Gator Time

  1. Great pictures, beautiful kids … as usual! But I must ask ~ gatoring??And BTW, riddle me this, fall has been my favourite season for a long time. But I notice more and more people now saying the same thing. You don’t suppose it’s a [gasp] age thing, do you?


  2. Well Michelle I would say that maybe it’s not an age thing but a maturity factor. When we were all kids in school fall meant going back to school and the fun in the sun time was temporarily over. Not so much fun for kids that have to buckle down and return to a structured environment. For the adults the kids go back to school and life can get back to a more normal routine. For me I absolutely love the vibrant colors and the "sweater weather" mentality. Even I seem to have more energy this time of year. So in conclusion… yes it’s an (gasp) age thing or better yet a maturity factor.Gatoring – the Harrigan term for wizzing through the few miles of forest on a John Deere Gator.


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