Walker and Abby


This was a mini movie I made a few years ago of Walker and Abby.  They are true friends ’til the end.  They met each other in daycare when they were only a few months old and still continue a strong friendship.  Abby is now 7 and Walker has just turned 6.  They live in different towns but talk about each other often.  As Abby said recently, "Mama, I need some Walker time."  Unfortunately Walker has been sick this weekend so the "Walker time" will have to wait until another time.  But here is a video to reminisce about a time not so long ago.  Having not seen this in quite some time I have forgotten how young they were at the time.  Hope you all enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Walker and Abby

  1. I hope that the friendship lasts forever. Aren’t the best friends the ones you’ve known for an entire lifetime? They are so great together!!


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