There are a few things that my children say that are worth documenting and repeating. Here are a few from this past weekend.

It was Friday and being that it was a terribly long week we treated the kids to MacDonald’s. Walker was also being rewarded for not losing any blocks this week.  We pulled up to the window, placed our order and specified the meals were for two boys. We get home and Walker always wants to know what the toy is. Rules in our house are your dinner has to be eaten and then you can play with the toys. They both dutifully ate every ounce of chicken nuggets and fries. I looked and they had made a mistake and put little dolls in the bags.

Walker was able to sum it up with one sentence.

Barbie’s stink.

Being of a household with a husband and two boys I had to agree.


We are on our way to our weekend trip to dad’s farm and there were some people parachuting from the sky.

“Walker… look… they are parachuting from the sky.”

“Wow!! Ummm… mommy and daddy… can you buy me a parachute?”

“Well honey… mommy and daddy don’t have enough money to buy a parachute.”

(Now this is where is gets priceless)

“Well… why don’t you just go and buy some more money? You know… at work.”

Gee… why didn’t I think of that?

10 thoughts on “Walkerism’s

  1. Yeah… if anyone knows where I can purchase seeds to the money tree, let me know. I need to get them in the ground before Christmas.


  2. When I was a kid, the whole "check thing" didn’t make sense. I thought all you had to do was write a check. Didn’t know you had to have money in the bank to back it up.


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