1363480-1088100-thumbnail.jpgFor many of us New Englanders this is our favorite time of the year… autumn. Yes we even have a name for ourselves. Though the days are still warm but they quickly dissolve into the coolness of the nights. The air conditioners are completely out of the window (for those of us that don’t have central air) and the windows are open to let in the fresh air. Energy is returned to those of us that seemed to lose it when the heat of the summer sucked it out our souls. Yes this is my favorite time of year. Ironic as it is because autumn is the beginning of the end of life for our annual flowers and the leaves on the trees. Truthfully the greens of summer go out with a bang with the colors that are presented to us on an annual basis. The burnt oranges, the golden yellows and the crimson reds create a rainbow that only nature can generate.  To see more pictures of autumn days at the farm click here.

1363480-1088122-thumbnail.jpg1363480-1088114-thumbnail.jpgMy father owns a farm that we take the kids to all the time. For the fall season he has created a haven for children and families during the day and an escape for adults at night with the haunted hayride. We have been bringing our children every weekend to get our fix on all the fall activities. This year we had the opportunity to bring the kids through the woods by means of a four wheel gator into the trails for the haunted hayride. The trails are a few miles long. It is hard to find the words to describe how beautiful the few miles in the woods are. So within the gallery of pictures there are a few of the wooded path that we followed. Of course this was the perfect opportunity to take more photos of the kids. Hope you enjoy the ride because we did.

3 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Autumn in New England is by far the most glorious time in our region. And this is the best quote from your post:

    Energy is returned to those of us that seemed to lose it when the heat of the summer sucked it out our souls.

    I couldn’t agree more. And the boys are just adorable in that beautiful scenery.


  2. Autumn is indeed quite picturesque, but I think what I love best about New England is that we get to enjoy all four seasons. Yes, I’m one of those freaks who even enjoys that snow! I can’t wait for the kids to be healthy so that we can go visit the farm. Thanks for sharing the great pics!!


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