The Note

note%20picture.jpgWell I am not going to talk about blocks today. I am sure that most of you are saying “Hallelujah.” Just so you know… no more blocks were lost the rest of the week. Whew!! Yup… I was pretty much holding my breath every day I asked. I can breathe now. Well…at least until next week.

It has taken me quite some time to write about “The Note.” Let me go back a little bit for those who don’t know. Kindergarten requires homework to be done every night and sometimes there is additional homework given that is not on the calendar. Yup…we get a new calendar every month. On this particular day there were two assignments due. One assignment was the three signs of fall. We completed the “Bag About Me” and packed it in his back pack. We forgot to put the “Three Signs of Fall” in Walker’s bag to go to school. Oops! But of course my husband and I didn’t think this was such a big deal because remember… it’s kindergarten and he is five years old. Keep in mind we have been doing all the homework assignments with him… not for him all along. This happens to be a Friday and the same day I left a message for the teacher to call me back concerning the “Block System.” I wanted to make sure that there was consistency between what she was teaching and what we were teaching at home. I thought this was the responsible thing to do. She never mentioned anything about “The Note” when we were discussing the block system.

I wake up to go to work and go through Walker’s back pack before leaving and find this note.  Keep in mind that the note is a copy that she fills in the students name, date and assignment due.

This is to inform you that you child Walker did not hand the homework assignments “Signs of Fall” & “Bag About Me” that were due today 09/21 (please note the grammatical error). I am very disappointed. Please help reinforce the importance of being responsible with your child. I hope to see work completed with the best effort and on time.


Mrs. Teacher

My response to “The Note.”

Mrs. Teacher,

Walker did complete his homework but we forgot to put it in his bag. I believe we are being responsible with him as he has completed his homework every night. Please do not insinuate that we aren’t.

This note got my blood boiling to the point that I called the principal of the school. She listened and promised she would go down and take a look at the note. The parent needs to sign the note and give back to the teacher. My point is the note was intended for the parent to read and respond.  I do not expect to be written to like a five year old. I am not the only parent that has received this note and certainly not the only one that was offended and insulted.  The people that I have talked to and shown the note to feel the same way.  I made a copy of the note for my records.  I can play this game as well as anyone.

The teacher called the next night and tried to explain herself. I stated that the note was demeaning, insulting and offensive to parents. Her reply was that there are some parents out there that don’t do any of the homework with their children but that we were not put in that category. I explained to her (calmly I might add) that when she sent that note she was putting us in that category. I asked that she revise the note to more appropriately say, “Walker did not pass in his assignment. Please make sure that he passes in his future assignments on time.” She could have said that same thing without being insulting and demeaning.

I am sure that Walker will pass kindergarten but I can’t say the same for me.  I miss the days of Pre-K.

10 thoughts on “The Note

  1. I am shocked that in KINDERGARDEN they expect that of the kids. They are still SO small and obviously it’s the parents who in all reality take the responsibility with regards to homework. So DON’T blame the child and honestly…has she NEVER forgotten something at home. URGH


  2. Insane and ridiculous. It’s kindergarten for god’s sake. But even more to the point, it’s not a teacher’s responsibility to lecture parents about their skills. If she has problem parents – that’s what parent/teacher meetings are for.


  3. Ag gheee wiz Teacher!!!! Lighten up! I would feel offended too, taking into consideration that I make the extra effort to support my child!!!! Stand your ground!!! 🙂


  4. Oh but we teachers are overworked and underpaid and underappreciated by parents and students…You know that’s what would eventually come out in the conversation about the note. It’s easier to copy one note and fill in the blanks than to send a handwritten note home with the child. I understand that there are situations where teachers have to deal with a lot of s*** from kids and parents, but I have to doubt at that school in kindergarten it has really started yet.You miss the Pre-K days, and I miss the kindergarten teacher who retired. You’d have loved her!


  5. I don’t mind getting a copy of a note so much as the tone and the insinuations that it made. If there are problems with certain parents than that needs to be addressed accordingly. Lumping all in together was wrong and insulting.


  6. Believe me, I TOTALLY agree with you! I was playing devil’s advocate. I get rather sick and tired of hearing about how overworked and underpaid teachers are. I wonder what most teachers would do if they did have to work year round??


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