Almost Missed the Bus

Monday morning never seems to be easy and this one was no exception. It started when I tossed and turned all night and this was after I had taken Tylenol PM. I hate to imagine what it would have been like if I hadn’t’ taken any. Well back to the story that I started. After getting ready for work I start to wake up the kids so they can start their day. This is partly for my benefit as well as theirs. I can’t seem to start my day without seeing their bright faces and giving them a kiss good morning. My husband always says there is never enough time in the morning to get everything done. So I try to get the kids up and started for their day. Needless to say they don’t like Mondays either. I gave Walker a kiss in bed, made my coffee and was out the door with keys in hand. Please note that I time my departure to give me barely enough time to get to the bus lot. The clock on the stove says 6:45.  By this time I should have all I need to walk out the door.  Because not all the clocks are synchronized by the time I get into the Explorer and it says 6:52 I know I have enough time and can ease up on the gas pedal.  If the clock says 6:53 I know that I have to make that illegal right turn at the end of the street to make it there on time.  No time to waste. To date I have never missed the bus but have cut it close many times. I am usually passing the bus on the prior stop before I get to my lot. I am in the truck completely out of the driveway, putting into gear to drive away when the front door opens. Walker is standing there weary tired little eyes crying saying, “Mommy I didn’t get my kiss this morning.” Keep in mind he is wearing his new dinosaur jammies.  A sight that tugs at those heart strings.  Apparently he wasn’t awake enough to remember. The bus lot is a mere 2 ½ miles away so timing is of the essence. I put the truck in reverse and went back to give him a hug and kiss. It is nice to know that he can’t start his day without the same ritual.  He plays the game well.

3 thoughts on “Almost Missed the Bus

  1. It’s so nice to hear about kids who still want Mommy’s kisses. Of course, I’d really like to see you taking the corner on two wheels! I have to share this with you – this afternoon when Dave picked up Eric from school, Mr Keenan introduced them to the Dad & son who are renting Karl & Cece’s old house. The little boy is 5 and named Mark. He asked if Eric could come over to play sometime and Eric’s answer was, "I don’t know, I already have a friend named Walker." So apparently Eric is looking at this as an exclusive sort of thing. I didn’t want to tell him that Walker has other friends than him. LOLHope you have a Happy Tuesday!


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