One of the World’s Greatest Losses… Luciano Pavarotti

art.lp.cnn1.jpgEven for those that didn’t listen to classical music often new his name.  Luciano Pavarotti passed away this morning at 5:00 in his hometown Modena, Italy surrounded by his family.  He fought a long and hard battle with pancreatic cancer.   Those who were fortunate to see him in concert will remember him with his enthralling tenor voice.  Those of us who didn’t see him perform are wishing we had.  He widened the audience of listeners with his unmistakeable tenor voice and will be missed by all.

4 thoughts on “One of the World’s Greatest Losses… Luciano Pavarotti

  1. While Pavarotti was not my favorite opera singer (I prefer Placido Domingo myself) – he was an icon of mythic status and really a gift to the musical world. He brought opera to millions of people and made it fun. He will definitely be missed.


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