The School Year Begins

Walker%20first%20Day.jpgWhen people told me to watch carefully because your children grow up fast… they weren’t kidding. Walker started kindergarten last Monday. No tears (from either of us), no crying just a, “see you later Mom” was all I got. Okay, so it was a little harder for me than for him. He is one that I shouldn’t worry about but will anyways. On the third day of school there was another child being brought for the first time. The main office was giving direction to the mother when Walker spoke right up and said I know where Mrs. Beach’s room is. I can show you.  He took his new friend by the hand and they were off down the hall to experience new adventures.

2 thoughts on “The School Year Begins

  1. I remember leaving Grace in the cafeteria on day one and there were definitely tears from me – she was fine!! Next thing you know they’re at school all day and then you have to get them to run them all around to activities. Enjoy the short days when you have them.


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