The Ambience of Tanglewood


For those fortunate to have experienced Tanglewood you know what I mean by the ambience is breathtaking.  The air was heavy with humidity that would soon fade to a chill in the air when the sun went down.  Tanglewood is nestled in the western most part of Massachusetts in the middle of the woods.  Tanglewood is the summer home to the BSO (Boston Symphony Orchestra).  Though most of the shows consist of classical music there are a few artist that have had the opportunity to play there as well.

Though the lawn seats are the least expensive they are sometimes the most sought after.  My husband and I bring a picnic feast to enjoy while we are there.  We set up our table with tablecloth and candles and open a bottle of wine.  Since the concert was on a Friday night we were worried about how late we were going to be.  We arrived just in time to part halfway down the first parking lot.  Whew!  The walk would not be that bad. 

We take our wagon full of goodies and find the perfect spot on the lawn.  People come from all around (New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont – just to name a few) to visit the grounds of Tanglewood. 

Christmas%20Card%20Revised00012.JPGThe sun started to go down and the music began.  This particular concert was the eighth time I have seen James Taylor in concert.  His band was not with him this time therefore it was called the "One Man Band".  He had the opportunity to talk a little more about his music and how he came to write some of the songs.  Being a long term fan this was particularly interesting to hear of the stories of him and Joni Mitchell and Carol King (Just to name a few).

Since he lives only a few miles from Tanglewood it is like playing in his backyard.  He played four encores and we all had the feeling that he would have played all night if he could.  Every show is better than the last.  We look forward to what next years show will bring. 

3 thoughts on “The Ambience of Tanglewood

  1. I’ve been fortunate to go to Tanglewood once, to "see" A Prairie Home Companion performed live. Strange to SEE something that is normally on the radio, but it was very cool.And I agree – lawn seats are SO much better than being in the shed. So glad you guys enjoyed!!!


  2. I’ve never been to Tanglewood, but would love to go just based on your description of it. Of course, while you were enjoying your wine and music, we were concerned that we were causing great distress to Lucy! I’m glad that she recovered from the trauma that was being home with only us to check on her! (Any time you go away again, let us know, because we’d be more that happy to take care of her again.)


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