Welcome Home Evie


If anyone has been looking at the tags  (Cheysu) that I have then you know Evie was on her way to her new home.  After a long and tedious (not to mention humorous to us readers) journey from China she is adjusting to her new life quite nicely.  Apparently mornings are not her favorite time of day.  She takes after her new mother on that one.  As many of you know bringing home a new baby whether it be from a hospital or halfway across the world there is nothing that can explain the love that fills your heart when you see that smile when your little one looks up to you.  I consider it an honor to be asked to take her photo.  Evie is one lucky little girl!! 

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Evie

  1. Hello!Thank you sooo much for taking the beautiful pictures of Evie. You have done so much for our family, but the thing that I remember most is your absolute friendship.Mary, David, Abby, and Evie


  2. It’s easy to take great pictures with such a gorgeous subject. As for the friendship… ditto. The best frienships are the ones that are reciprocal.


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