Safety of Children

1363480-886467-thumbnail.jpgOkay, I don’t know about the rest of you but when it comes to my kids their safety is one of my prime objectives. Here in the states children are required to be in a booster if not a car seat with a five point harness. It is when they reach a certain age, weight and height requirement that these restrictions no longer apply.  Another useful link that outlines guidelines can be found here.

People who know me know that I don’t hide my expressions very well. I went to pick up my children from their home daycare down the road. A grandmother of one of the other children was also picking up her grandchild at the same time. Buckling two children take a few minutes if not more. I turned to look and saw that the grandmother had not even put a seatbelt nor used a car seat for this child. Keep in mind this was not the parent picking up. I know that I would want the safest thing for my child and it appalls me to think that another parent or guardian would not put that child’s safety first. Keep in mind this child was 5 five and clearly needed at least a booster and seatbelt.

I guess I just don’t understand why a parent wouldn’t’t do what is the best interest of any child. This incident appears to have stemmed from lack of concern for the safety of the child as well as laziness.

Some people would say, “Why does it matter to you?” My point is, part of being a parent is acting in the best interest of the children since they obviously cannot (due to their age) act in their own best interest.

My children are in a home daycare that gives then a loving and safe environment.   I needed to make sure that my daycare provider was not going to loose her license if she didn’t mandate car seat usage for this individual.  There are daycare centers and schools that will not allow a child to leave their facility unless there is a proper restraint.  I was not going to loose my daycare provider because a guardian was too lazy to provide proper restraint for their child.


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