20 Years…

As like many others I vividly remember that frightful day 20 years ago. I was about 6 weeks pregnant with my oldest Walker while working at Travelers Insurance. I don’t even think my boss knew at the time that I was pregnant.

It was like living in the twilight zone. We saw it but still couldn’t believe it. America was under attack right before our very eyes. The twin towers, the Pentagon, and flight 93 that didn’t complete their mission because of the brave souls aboard the plane. The rushed the cockpit and the plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania.

My generation had never seen this type of attack on American soil and it was frightening. Many of us were glued to the television waiting for additional information. Within hours my supervisor ran out of the building to join his other reservist to await further instructions. It was all becoming all too real. They let us go early that day and it was a long, lonely and very quiet ride home.

We would soon start to hear of loved ones and friends that were in the buildings. So many Americans came together that day for the soul purpose of helping one another. It didn’t matter who you were, how you were affiliated politically, or the color of your skin…. they were there to help. Americans banned together for one purpose. We were all Americans first that day. As one meme said lets live like it’s September 12th everyday.

Like many others I will never forget where I was, what I was doing and how I felt that day. Let’s never forget and remember loved ones that gave everything they had that day.