Celebrate George Day!

Today we celebrate a wonderul man who once braved the high school in our local town as a history teacher for many years.  He has since retired from the classroom but not from his love of kids in town.  George Keenan is one of the crossing guards in town and handles the daily heavy traffic to one of our five elementary schools. 

Both my children have known Mr. Keenan for many years.  This year will mark my oldest eigth year at this school.  He has had two years of pre-k and now about to complete his 5th grade year.  Peyton joined the ranks of “walkers” a few years ago and walks home from school every day. 

George greets each child at the beginning of the school year with a brand new pencil and a smile to start their year. 

Today was a day we celebrate George and what he does for us as parents as well as for our kids.   A neighbor had the idea to decorate the sidewalk with chalk the night before to say thank you and to celebrate our friend.  The kids came in droves to help decorate and couldn’t wait for Mr. Keenan to see the spoils of their labor the next morning.

So thank you Mr. Keenan for everything you do.