It’s been awhile….

So much has happened in the last year it feels like a nightmare. We have survived a pandemic and witnessed election fraud. That’s just the beginning of it.

We now have a president that has a mental capacity of a donut. He can’t do anything without his handlers directing or redirecting him. He’s not allowed to answers questions from reporters unless it is…. “what’s your favorite ice cream”? We have become the laughing stock of world leaders. Many didn’t like Trump but he put Americans first regardless of the color of their skin. Do Black Lives Matter…. yes but so do everyone else’s. There is the BLM group that have terrorized cities to no end. The BLM group that have terrorized cities to no end. I don’t care what color your skin is but I do care what kind of human you are and how you treat people.

I even had a person who I had considered a friend ask me…. “but didn’t you come from a multi generational farm”? I was flabbergasted to say the least. This is a person I had considered to be an intelligent person. The fact they could make such an ignorant statement and assumption of my family was bewildering. A childhood friend quickly replied and educated this person as I was so taken back by the offensive assumption of their part. I later read on their page they realize some questions are difficult for some people to answer. Yet again…. another ignorant statement. They were not asking questions they were merely making assumptions without knowing the background. I think this is when I realized that when your kids grow up and starting their own lives you no longer are required to remain friends with some. This past year has clearly shown what people actually think about you based on who you support for political office. Silly me thought being an American meant you were allowed to have your own opinions and beliefs. That apparently is reserved for the left only. If people want to support a certain candidate that is fine but judging others based on that support is childish and wrong.

We are slowly seeing our rights as Americans being taken away and censorship of information if it doesn’t agree with the left agenda. It’s wrong on so many levels.

My advice is let people support whoever they want and be an adult and don’t judge because it truly says more about your own immaturity than anything.