Christmas 2021

Being that we were still in the midst of a pandemic holidays were a still not back to normal. Although I am not sure any of us remember what normal really is.

I took dad to the emergency room on the Monday before Christmas. Waited six hours and they decided to admit him. We initially thought it was just for the night but turned into four nights. Christmas Eve he was transported to a skilled nursing facility so they can work on his rehab and stability for getting around. Ever day is getting better and better.

So it was just the four of us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was nice and low key. Rich worked the overnight Christmas Eve so we didn’t have our breakfast until about noon.

I think we are all hoping for a better and brighter 2022. It’s been almost two years since this pandemic started. Flatten the curve they said. It will be about two weeks. I believe the virus is real but I also believe the government is taking advantage of peoples fears and playing into them. The current administration is now saying there is nothing they can do on the federal level and it’s up to the states. Out current governor believes he should keep extending his executive powers. I say it’s an abuse of his position and he needs to be stopped. |If people are nervous about the virus then they should by all means continue to wear a mask. There are so many issues with the way they are running things now. Businesses have suffered tremendous losses and people have lost their jobs because they don’t want to get the vaccine. It should be their choice. It shouldn’t be mandated and the Supreme Court now agrees. It shouldn’t be a prerequisite to continue with your current job. Whether you have been vaccinated or not you can get and pass the virus. Whether you wear a mask or not you can pass the virus.

So here’s to hoping that the next year will bring brighter days as well as more common sense among people.

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