And just like that….

Just when you think things are moving in the right direction mask mandates may be coming back to Connecticut. As of now it is up to the business as it should be but our Governor tends to love his executive order power and may not be willing to give it up.

Many conversations about kids having to mask up. Frankly, I think it is quite ridiculous since they aren’t the age group that is spreading it. It should be up to the parents not the government. If people are vaccinated then what are they afraid of? I see people driving cars down the road with the windows open with masks. Yes there may be some medical reason but honestly I don’t get it. If people are that afraid to go out then there are plenty of services that they can use to get what they need.

How is it right for the government to determine what your child or anyone gets medically? Some people are okay with the government making medical decisions for them or their children but I am not. People need to stand back and look at this issue globally. If people don’t want to get vaccinated then that is their business but people seem to think it is their business as well. Interesting when you are making decisions for yourself and people don’t agree they make it about them.

Oh and another thing…. how’s the current administration doing? I have heard no positive words from anyone and that includes people that actually voting for them. At first they are saying what do you expect they have only been in office for two months. Well what do you have to say now? Crickets…. that’s all I hear. We all know there was fraud in this election and I am sure it wasn’t the first time but it is the first time they are being called out and questioned. If this administration was so worried about the spread of the virus than why are they letting people come from the southern border and many are kids with no parents? It’s human trafficking. No other explanation. Would you really send your kids across to another country with you to protect them?

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