The other day while rushing around trying to get everything done for Christmas I headed out to the grocery store.  I ran into a friend that I have known for several years.  Before we could even exchange a Merry Christmas message to each other her eyes filled with tears and I saw the grief all over her face.  She broke the sad news of a friend that lost her son the afternoon before to suicide.   He was merely 24 years old.  He was loved by so many.  

Before heading to Hartford for a play Rich and I headed over to give our condolences to Maureen and Rebekah.  I was relieved to see so many friends from the neighborhood giving their love and support.  To endure such a loss is beyond my own comprehension.  There is nothing we can do or say that can help ease the pain they are suffering.  Just being there hopefully will help them know there are many that love and support them with anything they need.

This time of year I difficult for many this time of year and tragedies such as this only make it more difficult.  I can only hope the pain and loss they are suffering get a little easier with each passing day though the pain will never truly be gone.   Their memories can never be erased or taken and I hope they will ease the pain of the loss.  

I hope with this past year that more people start to listen to understand rather than to merely respond.  Kindness and understanding are needed every day for everyone.

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