Moving Out?

I have talked with many of my friends since I have been laid off and their first question is, “How is it going being home”.  Some people may think being home with the kids increases the stress level but I have to say my kids make it easy to be home with them.

Tuesdays are becoming the “play date” day.  This past Tuesday was the first Tuesday that we had one planned.  Walker asked if one of his classmates could come and play.  The mom works from home and needs to finish out her day so this was beneficial to both her of us.  The boys are old enough to keep themselves busy and occupied. 

I went to the school to pick up my two boys and the friend for Walker.  The two boys walked up to the holding area for parents waiting to pick up their kids.  To see the smile on their faces was priceless.  They were so excited I hated to think of what a distraction they were in class all day.

So when I talked to the mom to set this play date up she mentioned that Walker was one of the eight.  Ummm… I was a little confused and needed additional information because not being sure as to what these “eight” were I wasn’t even sure I wanted to know.  Apparently the boys in his class have decided to move into an apartment together.  Please note there are eight of them.  Eight boys living in one apartment can’t be good nonetheless sanitary.  I can’t even keep the bathroom clean with two little ones and one big one in the house.   So the mom told me that her son keeps asking her if he can take the television when he moves out.

The conversation went like this.

“Walker, I hear you are moving out into an apartment with a bunch of your friends.”  The shocked set in and he mirrored a deer in the headlights.

“How do you know that”? He replied while keeping eye contact.

“Mom’s know everything.  Haven’t you learned that by now”?

While quickly trying to cover up or recover from what he thought he did something wrong.

“I don’t plan on moving out until I am a parent”.

“Ummm… well if you are a parent do you really think all your buddies will want to live with you and your kids”?

Confusion set in quickly as he tried to think of a clever answer.  Peyton came to his rescue.

“I am going to get married someday” said Peyton with a twinkle in his eye and a smirk on his face.  “Because when you get married you get kissed”.

3 thoughts on “Moving Out?

  1. Love the new title page. They are adorable. I love that you let Walker keep coming to the program. It is nice to know that he enjoys coming, even when he doesn’t have to. As for 8 guys living together…perhaps I should take him up to UCONN to see my son’s dorm room? He is pretty good and brings his laundry home weekly, but he still won’t let me see it after the first week of school! I wouldn’t want to be the person who cleans the dorm bathrooms. I can only imagine. I would have to wear Hazmat gear.


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